Nov 14, 2014

Why It is Important to Think Critically

In light of the current heated debate surrounding my post on Why I Stopped Practicing Ashtanga Yoga (do note that I didn't call it Why YOU Should Stop Practicing Ashtanga Yoga), I came across this awesome video by my friend Veronica today. She runs a YouTube channel where she discusses literature and related issues, and this clip here on why it is important to reflect the culture you're surrounded by and think critically every now and then is a true gem! In case she talks a little too fast for your liking, you can watch the clip in half speed at Soundslice. A well invested seven to fourteen minutes.


  1. So then why no positives in your post on Ashtanga? Why no mention of the 10's of thousands worldwide with a daily practice that have a happy life? Why no mention of all the happy Authorised Teachers who revisit Mysore? Why no mention of the Indian Yoga Teachers whose schools have sprung up in Gokulam and other parts of Mysore as a side-effect of the AYRI (not to mention body workers and Sanskrit and Philosophy teachers)?

    Or does critical thinking mean only expressing your own biased and unresearched view?

    1. I thought blogging is subjective. Until now ;)

  2. Do you research your opinions before voicing them? Just curious.

  3. Depends on the context but generally I'm a linker by nature. A habit that grew for a variety of social (culture that elevates debate), familial (journos and politicos) and personal (Debating and Logic were Childhood hobies).